Different store, Different season, Same Style / Tiendas distintas, Diferente época, Mísmo estílo

This is what happen with my outfit today…. I bought the shorts in Zara this season, but I already had the blouse at home which I bought in Massimo Dutti like three years ago (more or less 🙂 ) and as you can see, both of them are a perfect match together 🙂 you can perfectly think that they are couple 🙂 that you bought like a “pack” in the same store at the same time, but far from it, they are form different store and different season, but they share same style. Do you like it?

Esto es lo que ocurre con el look de hoy…. El short es de Zara y es de ésta temporada, sin embargo, la blusa la compré en Massimo Dutti hace como tres años :), Son de tiendas diferentes y de temporadas distintas, pero como podéis ver, comparten el mismo estilo y juntos hacen una pareja perfecta. Os gusta?????




I was wearing : Shorts : Zara ;  Blouse : Massimo Dutti ;  Bag : Prada ;  Sandals : Pilar Burgos ; Sunglasses : Mango
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