In Love! / Enamorada!

Good morning everyone :)!!!!! In love! This is what I felt when I saw the dress that I show you today 😉 I bought it on my trip to Hong Kong … I loved it because of everything : the color, the shape,… It seems like if it would have been made ​​for me 😉 Do you understand why I could not leave it there and I had to bring it with me right? 😉 🙂 😉 Lol!!!!! Happy Tuesday to all of you, enjoy the day!!!!! 🙂

Buenos días a tod@s :)!!!!! Enamorada! Así me quedé cuando vi este vestido en mi viaje a Hong Kong… me pareció ideal por su corte,su color,… por todo! parecía que estaba hecho a mi medida, entendéis por qué no fui capaz de volverme de aquellas tierras sin él verdad 😉 🙂 😉 Je,je ;)! Feliz martes para tod@s, a disfrutar del día!!!!! 🙂




I was wearing : Dress (Hong Kong ) ; Bag : Uterqüe ; Sunglasses : Mango (New Collection) ; Shoes : Pilar Burgos (New Collection)